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Are you ready to take the Confident Communicators Challenge? 

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Hands-on, bite-sized strategies for improving your confidence.

Ready To Improve Your Confidence?​​
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Are you sick of feeling uneasy or unsure

when it comes to speaking up about what matters most to you?

Maybe you wish you could be more confident

when presenting in front of your higher-ups,

asking for a raise, or dealing with intimidating people?


Fear not, these are common challenges that many face in today's

ever-changing professional and social landscapes.


That's why we invite you to take the

Confident Communicators Challenge


Simply choose one of options below to get started,

or go all-in by choosing the

"Confidence Accelerator Bundle".


Don't let self-doubt push you around any longer.

Join the Confident Communicators Challenge and unlock

the power of your voice today!

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Gain Support 
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Every month Selena offers a LIVE group coaching training session, challenges to build your confidence, and downloadable ProTips to accelerate your growth.


PLUS, you'll get to know our 

kick-ass community!

Step Up & Stand Out
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Sick of searching for the right words in moments that matter? The Confident Communicator Action Plan is a self-directed elearning course combining Selena's powerful video series, handbook, and other valuable bonuses and will empower you to speak up and be heard!

Commit To Growth
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Our "Confidence Accelerator Bundle" includes a triple threat to self sabotaging doubts. Explore our three most popular self-directed elearning courses on emotional intelligence, expressing yourself confidently, and mastering your interpersonal communication skills.



Selena Rezvani is a recognized author, speaker, and consultant on leadership. Her forthcoming book, Quick Confidence (Wiley, May 2023), was born out of a viral newsletter she started in 2020, to help people build their confidence through small actions.

Selena is also the author of the bestseller, Pushback: How Smart Women Ask — and Stand Up — for What They Want (Jossey-Bass, 2012) , which focuses on the unmatched power of negotiation skills in women's career advancement, and was recognized with an Axiom Business Book Award. Selena's first book, The Next Generation of Women Leaders (Praeger), was published in 2009. 

Her experience and success in the leadership arena make Rezvani a frequent resource for news media and an in-demand business speaker. She has been quoted, interviewed, and profiled by CareerBuilder, The Wall Street Journal,, The LA Times, Marie Claire, NBC television, and ABC television.

Success Stories
Success Stories

"Another excellent Zoom session with Selena - thoroughly enjoy learning new tips and techniques in every session"


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